Blastrac Machine

  • Pro Prep Shot Blasting uses the patented “one-step” Blastrac machine. The Blastrac economically cleans and profiles concrete and steel surfaces. We have five machines: three 10″ and two 15″ electric Blastracs. On-site power required is 480 volts three phase power. We can provide a generator for on-site power if needed.Blastrac portable abrasive blasting equipment is the industry’s most cost-effective and environmentally safe way to remove dirt, paint, coating, and other contaminants from floor surfaces. Major applications include industrial plants, warehouse floors, parking garages, bridges, and highways.

How Blastrac Works

The shot blasting system incorporates the high performance, airless centrifugal wheel for propelling blast media in a controlled pattern and direction. Metal abrasive, thrown by the rapidly rotating blast wheel, scours the concrete surfaces and rebounds along with removed contaminants into a recovery chamber. Pulverized abrasive, dust and contaminants are removed by a separate dust collector. Very little abrasive is lost and the usable media is returned to the storage hopper for recirculation by the blast wheel.

Blastrac removes concrete sealers, coatings, glue, paint, dirt, and contaminants. Notice the difference between the left side (after) and the right side (before). We can give you a consistent lighter or heavier profile depending on the size shot we use or what speed the machine is running

Benefits of Blastrac


  • Labor and time-saving shot blasting process strips, cleans and profiles simultaneously.

  • Flooring surface is left dry and chemical-free without releasing airborne dust or contaminants.

  • Drying times, acid etching, and costly disposal procedures are eliminated.

  • Blast pattern accuracy and wide abrasive selection allows users to achieve any desired surface profile.

  • Excellent bonding characteristics are produced, thereby reducing coating failures and maximizing floor life.

  • Recommended method of surface preparation by most coating manufacturers.

  • Disposal of dust and contaminant is easily achieved.




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